BOSCH High Premium Adult Lamb & Rice (3kg, 15kg)


BOSCH High Premium Adult Lamb & Rice

ADULT LAMB & RICE is a balanced complete food for all adult dogs with normal activity levels.


BOSCH High Premium Adult Lamb & Rice

Retail Price : S$41.70 (3kg),  S$148.70 (15kg)


ADULT LAMB & RICE is a balanced complete food for all adult dogs with normal activity levels.

With its special recipe ADULT LAMB & RICE uses the known positive characteristics of lamb protein and highly digestible rice.
The energy and protein concentration is selected such that, when used in conjunction with mussel extracts, the risk of obesity is prevented to protect the cartilage and joints.

ADULT LAMB & RICE is also suited to sensitive dogs.

  • protein of the highest quality (including lamb)
  • gentle on the stomach and easy to digest (rice)
  • mussel extracts for cartilage and joints



Analytical Constituents

Convertible energy            15.25/kg
Protein                              21.5%
Fat content                       10.5%
Crude fibre                        2.50%
Crude ash                         6.00%
Phosphorus                      0.90%
Calcium                            1.10%
Sodium                             0.30%
Potassium                         0.50%
Magnesium                       0.12%

Additives (Nutritional additives per kg)

Vitamin A                12,000 I.U.
Vitamin D3              1,200 I.U.
Vitamin E                70 mg
(as all-rac-Tocopherylacetate)
Vitamin B1              10 mg
Vitamin B2              10 mg
Vitamin B6              6 mg
Vitamin B12            30 mcg
Biotin                      250 mcg
Pantothenic acid      20 mg
Niacin                     40 mg
Folic acid                2 mg
Vitamin C                70 mg
Choline Chloride      1,650 mg

Trace Elements per kg

Zinc                        45 mg
(as zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate)
Copper                   10 mg
(as copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate)
Cobalt                     0.20 mg
Manganese             20 mg
Iodine                     2 mg
(as calcium iodate, anhydrous)
Selenium                0.20 mg
(as sodium selenite)
Zinc                        70 mg
(as zinc oxide)
Iron                        140 mg

Additives :  Antioxidants

Composition :
Poultry meat meal, barley, maize, wheat flour, wheat, lamb meal (min. 5 %), rice (min. 5 %), wheat middlings, animal fat, hydrolysed protein, fish meal, beet pulp (sugar removed), fish oil, yeast (dehydrated), peas, sodium chloride, mussel powder (min. 0.1 %), potassium chloride, chicory powder.

Other : Percentage of animal protein min. 23.6%

Proportion of protein animal origin in total protein : min. 62%

Feeding recommendation


Weight of dogGram per day
10.0 kg155 g
12.5  kg180 g
15.0 kg205 g
17.5 kg230 g
20.0 kg255 g
22.5 kg280 g
25.0 kg305  g
27.5 kg340 g
30.0 kg350 g
35.0 kg390 g
40.0 kg430 g
45.0 kg470 g
50.0 kg510 g
55.0 kg550 g
60.0 kg585 g

Can be feed moistened or dry.


3kg, 15kg


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