BOSCH High Premium Adult Salmon & Potato


3kg | 15kg


Bosch High Premium Adult Salmon & Potato dry dog food is a balanced complete food for all adult dogs with normal activity. Adult Salmon & Potato contains high proportion of fresh salmon (min. 14%) and does not contain wheat. Fresh salmon delivers high-quality protein and high levels of essential fatty acids for skin and fur. The use of colostrum strengthens the immune system as well as by the specific immune complex of mannans and glucans (developed by veterinarians). Therefore, suitable Adult Salmon & Potato for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

Made only with non GMO ingredients, Bosch High Premium is extremely palatable and gentle on the stomach. Enriched with Beta-Glucan and mussel to help strengthen immunity, joints & cartilages.

Provides ideal protein level for a modern day dog through high ratio of fresh poultry
(Proportion of animal protein: 68.0%)

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Cell Protection: With Vitamin C, E ,trace elements and beta glucans.
  • Optimal Shiny Coat: With perfect balance of essential fatty acids 
  • Balanced Intestinal Flora: Through balance of different soluble fibres (incl. fructo-oligosaccharides)
  • Reduce Stool Smell: Selection of fibres with highly absorbent natural minerals help reduce unpleasant smelling products


Poultry meat, salmon (fresh, min. 14%), millet, barley, maize, rice, potatoes (dried, 5%), rapeseed chips (dehydrated), animal fat, protein hydrolyzate, peas, fish oil, yeast (dried, 0.1% mannanoligosaccharides, , 06% β-glucans), sodium chloride, colostrum (0.3%), monocalciumphophate, potassium chloride, green lipped mussel extract (0.1%), chicory (dried).


2.5kg, 12.5kg


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